La notte di San Lorenzo

There is a beautiful Italian film called ‘La Notte di San Lorenzo-The Night of the Shooting Stars’. According to Italian folklore the night of the shooting stars is when your dreams/wishes come true. It traditionally falls on the 9/10th August. This year there will be a supermoon but there is still a good chance of seeing a number of shooting stars. A number of events take place during this time to celebrate the event. Meteor showers over the next few nights extend the period with the peak period for San Lorenzo this year falling on 12th August and then on 18th August Jupiter and Venus will supposedly be shining brighter than normal. It means take your siesta on these hot August days and stay up longer during the night and observe the fabulous night skies. In Sicily lots of vineyards hold events which seems to be a good mix, a glass of wine whilst gazing at the stars and listening to music. To get the best views though I would head to the mountains, Etna, the Nebrodi or Madonie mountains are bound to provide you with the best views or there head to Castligione di Sicilia. We saw a number of shooting stars whilst on Mt Etna viewing the lastest eruption a few night ago so I can only imagine what the next few nights will bring.

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