There are plenty of walking trails in Sicily, however, many of these trails seem to be a secret or are very badly signposted. Sicilians often do not know of them or you will find a website and follow its directions and end up somewhere completely different. GPS definitely comes in handy but remember that you can easily lose the signal when on Etna and many a tourist has got lost there due to rapidly changing weather conditions. When you do find a trail it might be overgrown and a little difficult to follow but it will certainly take you through beautiful scenery. Every now and again you will see the dark side of Sicily, especially just after some national holidays when everyone goes to picnic sites but not everyone takes their rubbish away with them. 

Mt Etna

Serracozzo Trail

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You will find the start of this walk on your right just as you arrive at Rifugio Citelli.

Ilice di Carrinu

This walk is very close to the town of Milo. It is signposted just as you pass through the town to the left of the road. The start of the walk is after you pass a cement factory, there are also signs for Mountain Biking Trails which will help with orientation. Again, there are many ways to get to this massive tree which is a highlight of the walk and has to be seen to be believed.

Mt Sartorius

Quite well sign-posted as a popular trail for groups, you will find this walk to the right of the road as you drive to Rifugio Citelli.

Mt Zoccolaro

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There are two ways to get to this trail. The easiest is to head for Rifugio Sapienza from Zaffarena Etna,take the turning for Mt Pomiciaro on your right and follow the road until the end. The trail starts from here.

Acqua Rocca

Head for Rifugio Zapienza from Zaffarena and park at the picnic site where you see a large wide clearing on the right. There is often a lady with a stall selling honey. If you look to the left of the track you will see a stile over the fence. There are then signs marking a path which will lead you to Acqua Rocca.

Valle del Bove

Pietra Cannone


Le Gurne dell’Alcantara

Il Sentiero di Pietra

The trail is near Castligione di Sicilia and was difficult to find but I am so glad we persevered. GPS: 37.890727, 15.067645

Sentiero Le Rive Dell’Alcantara

This is a nice, easy walk which takes you through orchards and along the river. You also pass over a bridge which was used as a location for one of the Godfather films.



Nature Reserves

Vendicari Nature Reserve

Simeto Nature Reserve

Lo Zingaro

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"To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything" Goethe

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