Wild Swimming

For when you want a little freshwater swimming or as they say in Italy  ‘aqua dolce’ or ‘sweet water’.


The walk down into the valley can be a bit testing on the knees but the natural turquoise pools of water that wait for you at the bottom are sure worth it and you are motivated to continue walking everytime you get a glimpse of them. Make sure you take plenty of water to drink for the hike back up the hill as there isn’t much shade when you start back up the hill. However, there is a bar at the top. Cavagrande del Cassible is close to Avola so you could do a bit of wine tasting afterwards.


a gorge twist n turns Alcanatara gorge Alcanatara gorge from above

Alcantara is the place to go when it gets really hot, at the height of summer. This is because the water here stays freezing cold all year around. Leg numbing cold so consider yourself warned. The gorge is spectacular and there are many activities such as canyoning that take place there.

Cava del Carosello

The walk down is interesting, not as tough as Cavagrande, and you pass ancient homes carved out in the stone on the way. There are plenty of walks in this area and you have to pass through the ruins of Noto Antica to get there, so it makes a great day out. At the bottom of the valley you will find a series of pools where you can swim with fish and a few freshwater crabs which I must admit I was a little concerned about but none of them used their pinchers on me.




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"To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything" Goethe

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